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Air Receiver / Compressed Air Receivers / Pressure Vessels - Air Receiver Manufacturer

Air Receivers
Pressure vessel plays very important role in compressed air system with multi purposes by value of its design & rightly selected Air Receiver also enhance the service life of Compressor.

     Purpose :

  1. Stores the pressurised compressed air.
  2. Helps to maintain constant pressure at downstream.
  3. Cools the compressed air.
  4. Helps to separate oil & moisture from compressed air.
  5. To allow compressor have optimum level of rest.

Types :

Vertical and Horizontal.

Location :

After Compressor & After cooler.

Range :

Upto 10 M³ at 7 Kg/cm2 operating pressure.


As per national & international standards of pressure vessel code.

    * Note : High Pressure / flow range can be offered on request.